Toilet Repair, and Replacement

With any plumbing system, problems can exist. Since the toilet is among the most used water appliance in the home it is frequently in need of repair. At Bullfrog Plumbing we can repair your toilet, or supply and install a new one based on your needs.

Today’s toilets use advanced water delivery to function efficiently. Dual flush mechanisms combine water conservation and performance which allow the users to choose either a standard 1.6 gallon flush or a .8 gallon option. Power Assisted systems use small pumps to increase the pressure of the flush which in turn saves water.

Low flow toilets came in use in the 90’s and early models had the same basic design but used 1.6 gallons or less per flush as opposed to about 3.5 gallons as was the norm in the 1980s and prior.

Unfortunately, many people disliked the early low-flow toilets because they had a generally poor design that often required more than one flush to rid the bowl of solid waste. The first generation of low-flow toilets , were designed like traditional toilets. A valve would open and the water would passively flow into the bowl. The resulting water pressure was often inadequate to carry away waste. Often 2 or more flushes were required to accomplish a full and adequate waste flush.The second generation of low flow toilets became more sophisticated and started adding features to increase the water pressure to clean out and flush out the waste.

Other problems eventually surfaced with the use of low flow toilets, for example in 2011, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that, while low-flow toilets are estimated to have saved the city 20 million gallons of water per year, the reduction in water volume caused waste sludge to back up in the city sewer pipes that were designed expecting a higher ratio of water to solids.

As with every invention or innovation that is created, it plants the seeds for future problems that must be overcome. At Bullfrog Plumbing we are here to help you control and maintain all the plumbing issues that arise in your home.