Water Main Repair in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester County, NJ

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What is a water main?
A water main is the backbone of a home, even though homeowners can sometimes forget it even exists. This is because water mains are underground pipes that deliver water to your service pipe. And in most neighborhoods, they run underneath the street. While these pipes are practically invisible, they are solely responsible for a majority of the water that enters your home. And when they break, water can flow freely underground and your house’s supply could be put on hold. Therefore, it’s important to get water main repair done as soon as you notice a leak or break.

Causes of Water Main Breakage
Water main breakage can be caused by a variety of factors. These factors may include:

  • Freezing and severe weather
  • External pipe corrosion
  • Soil conditions
  • Age
  • Ground movement
  • Being struck by heavy equipment

When water mains break, it is usually completely out of your control. While it’s pretty much impossible to prevent them from breaking or leaking, it is very possible to get them repaired to continue operating efficiently.

Signs of Breakage
It is important to request a water main repair as soon as you notice a sign of breakage. But how exactly will you know that there’s an issue if you can’t see it?
You can regularly use your water meter to check for leaks in the water main. Start by making sure no water is being used in your house. Then, locate your water meter and check the link indicator or take a meter reading.
If you notice a leak in your Marlton or Mount Laurel, NJ home, it’s important to call a local plumbing company as soon as possible for immediate water main repair.

Requesting Water Main Repair
If your water main is broken, it will be difficult to shower, wash laundry, and complete other everyday tasks. Since there is no hot water, you will have to boil filtered water if you want to get things done. To avoid dealing with this inconvenience, call Bullfrog Plumbing immediately for assistance.
At Bullfrog Plumbing, we offer water main repair and other plumbing services to residents of Marlton and Mount Laurel, NJ. When you need service, give us a call, and our plumbing staff will quickly arrive at your home or business to solve the problem.
We have all the necessary tools in our fleet to repair your water main and do our best to prevent the need for repairs in the future. So don’t worry about skipping laundry day this week, because we will arrive at your home to fix your water line at an affordable price and in a short time-frame.
We understand that these issues, like other plumbing problems, are out of your control and can happen at any time of day or night. That’s why we offer a wide selection of plumbing services as well as emergency repairs and replacements. We are loyal to our customers, and we ensure that all projects are completed with your needs in mind.
So if your water main line needs repair, don’t hesitate to contact us for successful service in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As soon as you notice a water main break, call us today for at 856-244-1117 for repair services.